The coronavirus impact on businesses is changing our lives in ways and at a scale we could never have imagined as entrepreneurs. But what if I told you that the current norm of social distancing and remote work has opened up a world of opportunities during the pandemic for business owners.

Traditional in-person businesses like restaurants, brick-and-mortar retail, and event services have been turned upside down and it’s created new and evolving needs. Here are 10 small business opportunities during the pandemic to start, whether you’re making your entrepreneurial debut or adapting the products and services you already offer.

1. Handmade Items

Crafters and artisans have a newfound free time. Between being out of work, colleges shutting down, and everyone staying home more, they now have a unique opportunity to turn their passion and skills into a thriving business on sites like Etsy.

Etsy had twice as many new shops open in April 2020 than they did in April 2019. Hobbies like woodworking, jewelry design, scrapbooking or knitting can translate well into an online storefront, but as Etsy CEO Josh Silverman told Marketplace Tech, “anyone with creativity and 20 cents can open a shop on Etsy.”

2. Face Mask Accessories

Most states have regulations in place for mandatory face coverings when social distancing isn’t possible, so the demand for masks is still incredibly high. With summer right around the corner, complaints of sweat under their mask, glasses fogging up, and the bands hurting your ears will continue to go up.

Face masks have become something of a fashion statement as people seek to accessorize their outfits with the perfect mask. What if you could accessorise your mask with a solution to one of these problems?

3. Commercial Cleaning Services

Many stores and attractions are beginning to open back up with safety precautions in place. Including a thorough cleaning every day. While cleaning and antibacterial supplies continue to fly off the shelves at retailers, many commercial cleaning services are finding themselves in higher demand than ever before.

Office buildings, restaurants and other public businesses are counting on these service providers to continuously disinfect their spaces and keep employees and patrons safe.

4. Delivery and Errand Services

While many storefronts are opening their doors, many high risk citizens are continuing to stay in their home. Avoiding any potential contact with the coronavirus as much as possible. Senior citizens and immunocompromised individuals are on high alert to keep themselves safe as COVID-19 can be deadly for them.

Increasing the need for independent courier services where groceries and other essential items can be delivered, or errands such as picking up medications to bed done. The delivery services already available may already mostly cover meals, groceries and pharmaceutical goods, but there is a growing market for services that deliver miscellaneous commodities.

5. Freelancing

We are seeing an interesting shift in the market as businesses begin to turn to freelancers more and more. Businesses that previously had never hired freelancers are suddenly making the change to freelance consultants and service providers.

Many companies are now interested in hiring people who are already equipped to work from home as it saves them the trouble of retraining remotely.

6. Home Improvement Contractor

Home improvement is another example of an industry that increased significantly because of the pandemic. As soon as stay-at-home orders were enacted across the country, people started taking on home improvement projects, such as building an addition, renovating a spare room for an office space, or even building play sets for kids.

However, many homeowners don’t have the skill set or the know-how to bring these projects to life and need the help of a local contractor. Now is an excellent time to market towards the new, and large remote workforce who need to carve a private place in their home to work without interruptions, especially since the colder weather will drive kids out of the yard and into the home.

7. Online Tutoring

As more and more schools are either fully virtual or “hybrid” for the foreseeable future, the market for virtual tutoring is growing. While many parents need help getting their kids to complete their homework and finish their lessons, there is also a large market for older students who need additional support to stay focused and understand their subject material.

How has the pandemic affected you?

These are just some of the small business opportunities that have come to light during COVID-19. How have face masks, social distancing, and business closures affected you? Take your newfound need, create a solution, and share it with others.

Author: hineracquel