Local Search is important for small businesses. Most Google searches are looking for local information. If your small business is not optimized for local search then you could be missing out on more business and potential customers. Follow these Local SEO tips since it is a necessity if you want your business to remain significant and successful.

Tips to Improve Your Local SEO

While local SEO is a necessary part of your business, many people are unsure of how to improve their SEO. Here are 6 local SEO Tips: 

1. Claim Google My Business

Claiming your business on Google can make a huge difference for your business. A Google My Business account can increase your business’s online presence by popping up in listings where you normally would not show up.

Google My Business not only allows you to show up more often, it also allows you to collect and show reviews, and even gain insights into your business. Gaining insights include the number of views your profile gets, the engagement on the profile, a profile of your general audience, and even the search queries people are using to find your business.

2. NAP consistency

NAP consistency is important because it has to be easy for people and search engines to find your business. NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. Making your NAP consistent will make it 10x easier for people to find your business and how to contact you. But avoid only putting the NAP in an image. If the NAP is in an image the search engine will not be able to find it and you won’t be noticed.

3. Local Reviews

An online review is just as powerful as a personal recommendation. You want your customers to rate their experience with your products. But it is also very important to monitor and respond to all of your reviews. Whether they are good or bad reviews, they need to be responded to.

How you handle those reviews, especially the bad ones, impacts your brand image a lot. Always remember that everyone can see those reviews and responses so don’t say anything that could possibly lose you future customers. Those bad reviews can also lower your local SEO ranking.

4. Optimizing for Local Keywords

Using local keywords can improve your local SEO by a lot. You want to pick local keywords that are relevant to your target audience. Those keywords are the words that people will more than likely be looking for when they are searching for a business.

Using keywords with cities also improves your local SEO because Google looks for cities when they look at sites so they are able to give the consumer an accurate result when they are looking for a local business. For example if someone were to Google “restaurants near me” Google would bring up the closest restaurants to you and the restaurants that included the city you were in.

5. Location Pages on Site

Having a specific page for each of your business locations makes it easier for search engines to locate your listing and deliver the appropriate location to the consumer. 

But for instance if you only have one location for your business then you should create a locally descriptive About Us page. It also helps if you add a Google Map to your site or sites. Google will see that and rank your business higher.

6. Local Link Building

Local Link Building can increase your local SEO dramatically. Having those inbound links that have relevance and authority tells google what you are a real company and it can raise your domain authority. 

In order to obtain those relationships you can create partnerships with other local businesses, guest blog posting, hosting a community event, and also promoting someone else’s business too. Building those relationships with local businesses can increase your local SEO and also theirs.

How Online Business Directories Can Help Local SEO

Online Business Directories are a small business opportunity to help improve your local SEO.  Search engines search websites for websites that have information about your business. The more you list your business on business directories the higher search engines rank you in SERPs. Some common online business directories are websites like Yelp, Bing, Foursquare, Hubspot, Yellow Pages, Apple Maps, and Facebook. 

Adding your business to business directories not only improves your local SEO, it also improves online presence, increases brand awareness, receives reviews, and boosts local search. Your company listing should be consistent throughout with your accurate business name, address, and phone number. You should also include a link to your website and a thorough description of your business. 

Following these local SEO tips can result in better local search results, higher ranking, and more customers. If you do not have a start up but you have a small business you can follow these small business local SEO tips.

Local SEO Tips
Samantha Lawson
Author: Samantha Lawson