Content is Essential for Your Family Law Marketing Strategy

If you don’t have one yet, you need to develop a family law marketing strategy. You can use that family law marketing strategy to bring in new users, connect with existing customers and further progress your digital presence through SEO. Blogging can improve your SEO, credibility and customer relationships. Through family law marketing, you can introduce your business to potential customers and strengthen the relationships with your current clients.

5 Reasons Your Family Law Firm Should Be Blogging

Blogging Improves Your Law Firm’s SEO

Blogging gives you more cracks at targeting keywords, each post can effectively target at least one keyword. With the number of blog posts you can post, you can afford to take risks with your keyword choice and content structure, to test how users and search engines respond to your attempts. Blogging introduces opportunities for linking, which is one of the most important ranking factors.

Blogging Creates Credibility With Your Clients

High quality content shows you know what you are talking about and that brings a sense of security to your clients that they are in the right hands. You know the experience of visiting a site and the last time anything was posted was a few years ago and the skepticism that it creates so a website that has recent content feels more secure. You can also show your expertise by answering questions that your clients are asking.

Blogging Can Help Establish a Brand Voice

Everyone who writes has their own voice, the more you write the faster you will further develop that voice. With a brand voice, there is a tangibility that makes clients feel safe. Finding your brand voice is important in representing yourself through family law marketing. Your brand voice is a consistency throughout your content, in your tone, perspectives and values.

Blogging Helps Build Client Relationships

New users are wary of businesses that they aren’t familiar with, especially the more money they are going to have to put into. Blogging gives the reader a sense of who you are and what your business is about, mitigating that wariness. Your blog can be the reason clients return to your site. Answering questions that clients are asking you goes a long way because it shows you are there, listening and want to help your clients and potential clients.

Blogging Provides Content for Your Social Media Accounts

Converting long form content into short form is much easier than the other way around. Each blog post can be used for multiple social media posts. Using your blog for social media content saves you the time and money instead of making original content for social media, in addition to creating original content for your blog.

How to Start Blogging for Your Law Firm

Your family law marketing strategy should lay out the plan for your blog. Start by making a list of blog ideas. You can look externally for inspiration in blog ideas from other sites or from keywords that you want to target. Next you should make an outline, determine the structure of the post and organize it. Now it’s time to write, be sure to incorporate your keyword. Your next step will be to make any tweaks in the process of further optimizing the post. Once your post is complete, you will publish it and over time view the analytics and determine what went well and what didn’t.

What Lawyers Should Write About On Law Firm Blogs

Lawyers should start by writing about their field of expertise. You can expand your blog selection outward, while staying within your business’ lane, to industry news and changes. Your content should be of a piece with your site and should be what your clients and potential clients would want to read. Your blog gives you an opportunity to show the value of what you do with what you do for clients, why it is beneficial and give readers a further insight into your field.

How Often Should Lawyers Blog?

How often you blog is dependent on the goals from your family law marketing strategy along with your capabilities. Don’t flood your audience, if you have 6 blog posts ready to go for the month, don’t drop them all at once and overwhelm your audience, put some space in between the posts. Set a schedule to be consistent with and post regularly, whether it is twice a week or twice a month, consistency will be appreciated.

Blogging is a great way to enhance your firm's family law marketing