For local small businesses managing relationships with consumers can be difficult. CRM’s offer an easy solution to relationship management. CRM’s also help in SEO by helping you find keywords. Although CRM’s vary in price, there are free CRM’s specifically for local small businesses.

What is a CRM?

CRM’s is customer relationship management software that is used to make the experience of consumer interactions more efficient and enjoyable. An organized customizable overview of your consumers presents the status of orders, any issues that have risen, social media activity, consumer preferences and many more features to assist you in understanding your consumers and improving the relationship with them.

Why CRM’s are valuable for a local small business.

Time efficiency

With a local small business, there is not enough time in the day to manage the interactions with so many different consumers.
You are directly linked to your consumers. All of your employees using the CRM program may have access to consumer information.
CRM’s update consumer information and automates repetitive tasks.

Relationship management is easier than ever

Is used for individual consumers, other businesses and prospects.
CRM’s turn employees into more connected arms of the business, a more autonomous entity of the business. The consumer interactions with employees that result in employees having to go back and forth asking the decision maker of the business their thoughts can be eliminated. Streamlining the “middle man” type interactions.
You know what you said and what progress you have made with each consumer or lead in the sales process.

Relationships are pivotal in local businesses

The personal nature of a local small business separates it from the corporations and makes it a staple of the community.
The communal nature of local small businesses makes the relationship more important and offending a consumer would impact them because of that relationship. The easiest way to offend someone is to mix them up with someone else, CRM’s eliminate that.
You have consumer information in a centralized location, so no more mixing up “Jim’s Hardware” and “Jim’s Tool Shop.”

Decluttering your mind

No longer are the days of juggling all of the tasks for your business in your head. You have your business’ tasks in your hand.
It may be difficult to manage relationships with so many people and a phone or computer have a much better ability to remember so much information about people.

4 CRM’s for Local Small Businesses


Easy to use software that keeps a master copy of data in a secure server.
Clunkiness in organizing lists.

Agile CRM

Their system can track emails sent from outside of the program.
The UI may have a bit of a learning curve.

Zoho CRM

Very customizable and offers a wide variety of developer tools.
There is a fairly steep learning curve in maximizing the use of all of their features.

HubSpot CRM

Allows an unlimited number of users, which is rare for free CRM’s.
Tracking history only goes as far back as a week of activity on the site.

3 ways CRM improves your SEO

A disconnect between how you see your local small business and how consumers do, stunts the growth of your business. Using a CRM shows you the specific choice of words your consumers use for your local small business and with that information you can shape your business’ online presence through SEO.

Find New Keywords

Your interactions with consumers can be recorded and keywords used in those interactions can be used for your site. You are hearing the customers’ own words, now you can do the research for those keywords. If the research backs the keywords you implement them for your site. Now you are feeding the consumers words back to Google, to improve the likelihood of being found on Google.

Create Better Content

The keyword discovery from consumer interactions can be used for your content. Now you work from a point of advantage, the parameters are set, you know the keywords to use, it is now about coloring inside the lines for your content.

Social Media

CRM integration tools track the social media activity of your clients, on top of the communication with them. Other options include contacting clients through their social media channels and updating your social media accounts through the CRM.

Creating a Better Reputation with a CRM and SEO

The higher you appear on Google the more authentic you appear with viewers. With a local small business word of mouth is crucial, especially in the initial stages of growth, maintaining good relationships is a great way to build a good reputation. When you pair authenticity from the digital world with a good reputation from word of mouth, you are in a great spot to grow your local small business.

CRM's for local small business
Author: hineracquel