SEO For Small Business

Think about how you find small businesses. Small businesses don’t have the budget for effective commercials that larger businesses do. How someone will find a small business is either through word of mouth, search engines or directories. Getting your small business out there can be daunting, we have some small business SEO tools that can make the process much easier to perform and to understand.

What Are Small Business SEO Tools?

Small business SEO tools are the digital programs used to better understand your site, search engines and behavior of people online. Where the “small business” aspect comes into play is with the pricing and scale of the platform. Enterprise level tools can cost into the thousands of dollars per month, we will be covering tools that are under $200 per month or even free to use.

Plug-ins Like Rank Math

Rank Math is free as these types of plug-ins usually are. What these small business SEO tools do is provide you guidelines and suggestions to properly optimize your site and the content in it. These programs are dependent on what hosting program you use for your site, Rank Math is available for WordPress.

Site Audit Program Like SiteChecker

To know that your site is as good as possible, you have to search for the problems in it, that is where this type of small business SEO tool comes into play. Running a site audit goes through your site to find any errors to varying degrees and will specify the urgency of each issue, so you are able to prioritize fixing those errors. SiteChecker has a free version but for each issue they only show you 3 URLs, for a 24 hour period.

Free Google’s Programs

Google Analytics brings a comprehensive data collection service for your business, so you can fully understand your consumers by their actions. You are able to track the user activity on your site, along with where users came from. Google Analytics also shows how effective your marketing campaigns are, how long users are on each page of your site, where users leave your site and data on new users.
Google My Business is a great small business SEO tool by helping you with gaining local consumers, by appearing in search results and on map applications. You also create a business profile which eliminates steps in finding information for your business, you can have your site, hours open, address, phone number available and possibly more. The business profile creates convenience for users and convenience is a valuable aspect in drawing in new consumers.

Directory Manager like BrightLocal

A question you should think about is “how are people going to find your business?” One response is through search engines and another is through directories. You should look towards casting a wide net, managing the various directory listings can be difficult to remember all of the different sites and knowing which ones are working and which aren’t. A site like BrightLocal has a citation system to make updates to your information and remove duplicates before they can damage your listing.

Keyword Finder like Uber Suggest

Finding the right keywords is of incredible importance and someone who isn’t familiar with keywords will likely have trouble finding the right keywords. The right keywords are not too common or too unique, are appropriate for what your business does and are different from keywords previously used on your site. Finding a small business SEO tool, like Ubersuggest, that assists in finding keywords and showing the difficulty of using specific keywords.

When To Expect Results

The biggest hurdle after implementing small business SEO tools will be in the beginning. Once you get your site optimized, then you have to maintain and this will take much less time. Results will be found the month after changes have been made and the better optimized your site is the more substantial the results will be, so you will get out what you put in.

5 Small Business SEO Tools